Tracy Long

Tracy Long Photography

Tracy has lived in Teton county of Idaho and Wyoming for the last 23 years.  What brought him to this area is the perfectly located mountain ranges in every direction offering a plethora of available sports to indulge in no matter what direction he wants to ride.  Riding dirt bikes and snowmobiles are his sports of choice.  Tracy is fortunate enough to not work in the winters so he gets significant amounts of riding time and thought it would be enjoyable to devote some of that time capturing images of these experiences.

Tracy is fortunate to know so many amazing riders that agree to be the center of his snapshots. He has also designed a bumper (MOUTAIN ARMOR) that allows snowmobilers to carry gear into the backcountry safely and with easy access, so he can get to his cameras quickly.  “The bumper allows me to cover an amazing amount of ground and still capture an excess of images all while logging many miles on a snowmobile”; the sport Tracy loves more than any other.